Oct 29, 2008

May it be noted

in regard to my "Idiot Wind" header, that I have been advised to clarify that no persons' name is to be associated with the word "Idiot," despite its apparent close proximity to the word. That is all...

Oct 17, 2008

The 100th Post

In lieu of this grand occasion, I give you this.

Oct 16, 2008

Another Update

To keep you in the loop

1. Mom had surgery, they removed the tumor
2. During the surgery the doc had to maneuver around a nerve next to her vocal chords; He must have nudged it - one of her vocal chords is temporarily paralyzed
3. The surgery was successful, but there is still a chance the cancer will come back
4. More chemo to come in the next 6 weeks

Thanks again for the prayers

Two Videos

Found this on a friend's blog
(You may want to skip the part at the beginning when "Lawrence" is talking...)

Thanks Will

Oct 9, 2008

As luck would have it

First, a picture of the drink screen at Caribou yesterday. I was on bar.

Second, a picture of an empty fortune cookie I received tonight at dinner. An empty fortune cookie. No fortune. What's humorous is that after our waiter handed out the magic treats, I bluntly stated that there is no such thing as luck.

Oct 7, 2008

Try this out


Derek Webb's artist-to-fan site, with lots of free (or pay what you want) music.

Oct 5, 2008

Here we are...

1. My mom's tumor shrunk 90%. She's happy about it, as is the family, and she will be having surgery this Wednesday.
2. I'm restoring an old Peugeot UO8. See pics.
3. Rachel and I are going to Providence Baptist now, which turned 30 yrs. old today.
4. Every State football game a new set of drunks sit behind us. Where do they keep getting these tickets? I think a local pub gives them away in drinking contests.
5. I have fall break this whole week.
6. Ben Folds came out with a new CD. Might not get it this time.
7. Never go to Flythe Cyclery on Peace St. The worst. I mean, horrible.
8. In my opinion, The Office redeemed itself last Thursday.
9. Can someone tell me who Phil Wickham sounds like?

I was going to give each of these events a whole post, but, eh. I will also be accepting names for the Peugeot I'm fixing up. Until next month...