Mar 31, 2008

April Fool

A funny trick for a friend with a Mac.

Mar 29, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Some sites to check out: Tons of streaming TV shows and movies - the YouTube rival with forced commercial breaks News site where you can search for and clip your fave shows/controversial events for blogs, etc.
: More clean current events

Deal of the day!

Mar 17, 2008

Classic Leprechaun Vid

And now some SPD/Irish trivia:

- The official symbol of Ireland is a harp
- St. Patrick the evangelist died on the 17th of March
- Today the Irish wear bundles of clovers in their hats and pockets
- There is 1 four leaf clover per 1000 three leaf clovers
- Ireland aka the Emerald Isle

My Foot Hurts and I Love Jesus

Rachel and I went to Kitty Hawk a few weeks ago to visit Chip and Lauren. Wonderful trip. I got to drive an old Jeep on the beach, spend some qt with friends and see Chip in a giant easter bunny costume.

Another noteworthy item: Rachel and I ate at the best BoJangles in NC - it's in Plymouth. The sanitation grade was 98.5, the dining room was spotless, the food was perfect, the tea wasn't nasty or watered down. Go see Chip and Lauren and stop there twice.

And the title quote is from a tipsy man I overheard in a gas station. He kept repeating it over and over. I may make it into a song. Here goes.

I've found that while creating a post, a lot of work goes into it that you, the reader, can't see. But while I wrote about the title, I looked into that old Jars of Clay song "Jesus Blood Never Fails Me Yet." I heard it was about a drunk guy who just kept singing the same thing over and over. Turns out Jars of Clay didn't write it, and the guy wasn't drunk. There are some videos on YouTube about it. You can see it here or here. The first vid is a bit edgier. Thanks Gavin Bryars.

Mar 9, 2008


While driving downtown in the rain, I sideswiped a curb and blew out my right front tire. If you think changing a tire is hard, try doing it in the rain. Buah. After I put the donut tire on, I drove over to my parents house to borrow my step-dad's truck. It's a stick, and I'm ok at driving a stick. I'm getting a new tire Monday. Now for the crazy part.

I drove to a coffee shop to read a bit. The wind was howling as I made my way down the breezeway. While in the coffee shop, I got the idea to see when the State game was. I am not that excited to see State play these days, but I decided to go watch the game. It was really like I had to leave at that time. I got my stuff together and went to the truck. As I walked up the stairs to go home, I see the truck rolling across the parking lot. Toward a Lexus and a Pathfinder to be precise. I ran like mad, caught up to the truck and dug my elbow and shoulder into the hood. My feet started sliding, but I managed to stop it, no joke, 5 feet from the other cars. Some other good Samaritan came over to hold it while I jumped in and started it up. It felt strange to know that God was tugging at me to leave the cafe when I did, so as to catch the truck right on time. Either way, I haven't had the best luck driving lately.

Mar 3, 2008

Jonny Surname

Recently a bill passed in NC that allows adopted persons the right to reunion with their original birth parents. Consequently, that may be the most boring hyperlink ever. What? Strange topic?

My father was adopted when he was a year old. From? We don't know. Circumstances? Not sure. There's actually a lot our family doesn't know, about, well, the family. So after some seven months of bouncing around the NC House and Senate, HB 445 will allow him access to that information.

He told me that he wanted to find out where he was from, and what kind of medical history his parents had. And to see if we are heirs to some successful enterprise. But more the former. In all this, I just want to know what my last name should have been. Hopefully not Beard.

I did some reading online about the whole ordeal and found a blog called, ahm, go see it. Interesting stuff, apparently there is quite a political struggle going on regarding adoptee's rights. Can of worms, this one.

Well, I'm off to read a bit. I had an eye exam today, and they dilated my pupils. I really can't see anything up close. I may even be misspelling words as you read...