Mar 9, 2008


While driving downtown in the rain, I sideswiped a curb and blew out my right front tire. If you think changing a tire is hard, try doing it in the rain. Buah. After I put the donut tire on, I drove over to my parents house to borrow my step-dad's truck. It's a stick, and I'm ok at driving a stick. I'm getting a new tire Monday. Now for the crazy part.

I drove to a coffee shop to read a bit. The wind was howling as I made my way down the breezeway. While in the coffee shop, I got the idea to see when the State game was. I am not that excited to see State play these days, but I decided to go watch the game. It was really like I had to leave at that time. I got my stuff together and went to the truck. As I walked up the stairs to go home, I see the truck rolling across the parking lot. Toward a Lexus and a Pathfinder to be precise. I ran like mad, caught up to the truck and dug my elbow and shoulder into the hood. My feet started sliding, but I managed to stop it, no joke, 5 feet from the other cars. Some other good Samaritan came over to hold it while I jumped in and started it up. It felt strange to know that God was tugging at me to leave the cafe when I did, so as to catch the truck right on time. Either way, I haven't had the best luck driving lately.


Josh Deng said...

wa-ho! glad you're ok and not being sued right now.

Dan Hawkins said...


that's all


Kristen Thompson said...

Thats so funny! Like about 2 weeks ago I was at Briggs in Wake forest and my car is also a shift...and well I guess my parking brake went out and I irresponsible never leave it in first gear always neutral well when I closed the door and locked it started to roll.... and was headed right for Briggs. I was panicking!!! I had high heels on and I couldn't think. Luck for me there was a man that looked just like Larry the cable guy came out and saved it. Then afterwards he said "Well Mama' I'd like to do that again if you would." Great pick up line after my car was about to crash into Briggs!!