Mar 17, 2008

My Foot Hurts and I Love Jesus

Rachel and I went to Kitty Hawk a few weeks ago to visit Chip and Lauren. Wonderful trip. I got to drive an old Jeep on the beach, spend some qt with friends and see Chip in a giant easter bunny costume.

Another noteworthy item: Rachel and I ate at the best BoJangles in NC - it's in Plymouth. The sanitation grade was 98.5, the dining room was spotless, the food was perfect, the tea wasn't nasty or watered down. Go see Chip and Lauren and stop there twice.

And the title quote is from a tipsy man I overheard in a gas station. He kept repeating it over and over. I may make it into a song. Here goes.

I've found that while creating a post, a lot of work goes into it that you, the reader, can't see. But while I wrote about the title, I looked into that old Jars of Clay song "Jesus Blood Never Fails Me Yet." I heard it was about a drunk guy who just kept singing the same thing over and over. Turns out Jars of Clay didn't write it, and the guy wasn't drunk. There are some videos on YouTube about it. You can see it here or here. The first vid is a bit edgier. Thanks Gavin Bryars.

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