Mar 3, 2008

Jonny Surname

Recently a bill passed in NC that allows adopted persons the right to reunion with their original birth parents. Consequently, that may be the most boring hyperlink ever. What? Strange topic?

My father was adopted when he was a year old. From? We don't know. Circumstances? Not sure. There's actually a lot our family doesn't know, about, well, the family. So after some seven months of bouncing around the NC House and Senate, HB 445 will allow him access to that information.

He told me that he wanted to find out where he was from, and what kind of medical history his parents had. And to see if we are heirs to some successful enterprise. But more the former. In all this, I just want to know what my last name should have been. Hopefully not Beard.

I did some reading online about the whole ordeal and found a blog called, ahm, go see it. Interesting stuff, apparently there is quite a political struggle going on regarding adoptee's rights. Can of worms, this one.

Well, I'm off to read a bit. I had an eye exam today, and they dilated my pupils. I really can't see anything up close. I may even be misspelling words as you read...


007 said...

You can take down the support Mike ad now, since it appears that we have McCain for the Republican nominee. Nice blog though. In case you are wondering, I got here from Dan Hawkins blog. He worked with both of my boys at CWR.

jon hunt said...

I think I'll leave it up until 2012.