Oct 5, 2008

Here we are...

1. My mom's tumor shrunk 90%. She's happy about it, as is the family, and she will be having surgery this Wednesday.
2. I'm restoring an old Peugeot UO8. See pics.
3. Rachel and I are going to Providence Baptist now, which turned 30 yrs. old today.
4. Every State football game a new set of drunks sit behind us. Where do they keep getting these tickets? I think a local pub gives them away in drinking contests.
5. I have fall break this whole week.
6. Ben Folds came out with a new CD. Might not get it this time.
7. Never go to Flythe Cyclery on Peace St. The worst. I mean, horrible.
8. In my opinion, The Office redeemed itself last Thursday.
9. Can someone tell me who Phil Wickham sounds like?

I was going to give each of these events a whole post, but, eh. I will also be accepting names for the Peugeot I'm fixing up. Until next month...

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