Dec 27, 2008

Good Morning a.k.a. Moblie uploads that might just make your day

It will barely be midnight when I post this. But why not...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was, well challenging. Since my parents are divorced, my holidays are pretty much divorced. I went to 5 different places for Christmas Eve/Christmas. On top of that, my mom was in the hospital for some weird nausea she was having, and I was/am sick with the flu. And, on top of that, Rachel is now residing in the glorious Dominican Republic for a medical/missions trip. And I just slept all day. Enough of that raincloud. There are some brighter moments to update you eight on:

Got my brother a '75 Fuji bike

3rd row seats at Duke Chapel for Handel's Messiah

Rachel's sister Rita ran her first marathon (Every word "r")

Mom's cat still growing

Becoming a Shift at Caribou

Christmas Decorations?

Got a new Driver License at the DMV

My swanky new v-neck Vans shirt

And a Merry Christmas to you too, Will

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