Aug 26, 2010

New Project: Restore an Antique Lineberry Furniture Cart

I'm going to walk through how I've restored my old cart for a couple reasons:

1. No one wants to buy a $1300 coffee table from Restoration Hardware
2.These carts are everywhere and range from $50 to $350 used
3.Anyone can do this with about $100 of Home Depot goods and some elbow grease
4. No Lineberry cart "vendors" gave me ANY hints, techniques, suggestions, etc.
5. There must be others out there searching for this kind of DIY project!

I will be posting my progress, failures, and suggestions in the coming days. There will be, undoubtedly, some misinformation, due to my inexperience. There will be some carpenters and iron-workers who may post and say I wasted my time with something, should have bought such and such a product, or flat out did a few steps wrong. That's great! I think that is what a lot of DIY's out there are looking for. So get ready, and feel free to comment if you found this by googling!

Anyone interested?


Anonymous said...

I am also working on making a cart, but from scratch. I'm using some old reclaimed wood, and some banged up steel crates from my work. I am in search of the cast hardware though. Still not sure what I'm going to do about the wheels and stuff. I haven't looked at your full profile yet, but I am very interested in how you did on the table! thanks, from a girl in Chilliwack, BC, CA.

Doub leup said...

Thanks for the tips. The naval jelly I found did not work well at all. My cart was heavily laden with rust so maybe that's why... Simply using a grinding wheel with wire brush attachment or corded electric drill with wire brush attachment was much easier. For painting the cast iron pieces using "Dupli-color rf129 rust fix" was great and left a nice satin black finish while also destroying any rust left over and protecting against future.
I also found a super in depth pdf guide by a master cart restorer. Includes 84 pages. He sells stuff on his site Like lettering kits but the guide was free. Just google "How to restore a factory cart.pdf". As a side not I am NOT affiliated with him or his site In ANY way.