Oct 3, 2007

O Hill No

I don't quite understand why, but Mrs. Clinton is currently running campaign ads against herself. She notes her bad decision making concerning Iraq and poor health care agendas in the early nineties. Oh, and her cackle. Thankfully someone has cleared this up for us - here's the quote:

“The American people want a leader,” said Clinton campaign spokeswoman Carol Foyler. “And if her rivals won’t come out and attack her, Sen. Clinton is going to show leadership by attacking herself.”



sirrobin said...

She too busy!
Killing our presidents has become a national favorite pastime. I believe this to be painful to our country. Sort of like continually shooting her in the foot. Wounding your own country repeatedly will be the end of her. She can only bleed so much. The shooters think they can continue to do what they want and call it free speech. They shoot their mouths off to destroy the good old USA and our presidents mostly for their own personal and political gain. These mouthy bullets are hitting our USA home hard and are lethal.
Does anyone agree that this must be stopped? Free speech or not? Killing is killing? Killing our country is illegal?

Dan Hawkins said...

This is less about this post than the blog itself, and that is to say I've enjoyed reading through it. Good stuff. Keep it coming.