Oct 8, 2007

Random Things You Should Know

The "IHS" found on some crosses and churches stands for "In Hoc Signo" or "In this sign." It was the sign that God apparently revealed to Constantine that was plastered on some shields, that gave him victory in some wars.

Nalgenes are not unbreakable. I shattered my friend Chip's nalgene in college.

Defenestration means to hurl someone or something out of a window.

Mountain Khakis are the best pants.

If you collect a gallon milk jug full of tabs from aluminum cans, you won't get $100 from the recycling people.

Ergo literally means "therefore"

Jude quoted the Apocrypha.

You can not simply submit a word to Mirriam-Webster to have it inserted in the dictionary.

The national food of El Salvador is pupusas.

I have a midterm to study for. I should go do that now.


Chip Baggett said...

It seems that the bottle is more "unbreakable" than the top. Still the top is part of the nalgene bottle...

Also, I agree with your Mountain Khakis claim!

Dan Hawkins said...

other facts:

Penguins are scary and should be kept away from children.

Ronald McDonald's previous job was chief Eunuch for a ancient Persian potentate.

Defenestration hurts.