Aug 25, 2007

I Clicked

So, while checking my facebook, I noticed a little iPhone jumping up and down on the side of my screen.
'Hey, I've heard of those,' I thought. Now I know alot about them...
I clicked it. I know, I know, somehow I've just dehumanized myself in your eyes, but let me tell you.
I have a Mac. No viruses. Anyway...
I filled out a survey, and 'participated' with 5 sponsors. So far I've received a free $20 gas card, lots of coupons, 2 CD's for $6.99 each (free shipping), and got signed up for Netflix. (I also bought a vile of Vioderm and sent it back (my wrinkles persist) and I host a web-domain named "," which is humorous.)
So then, withhold your nays. I should be getting a free iPhone in 3 months.
If I don't then you can laugh at me. Really.
If I do...does anyone need an iPhone? I'd rather sell it than pay $80 a month in charges.

I really hope they aren't outdated by then...

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