Aug 25, 2007

The Fuzz

I was pulled a while ago for easing through a 4-way stop in rural Wake Forest, NC, at 12:30am. With a highfalutin smirk, I was issued a ticket and a date to represent myself, if I would so choose, in the Courthouse building in downtown Raleigh. As I graciously nodded and rode away, I began to vent all the way into Raleigh...all that I thought was "Great, another PFJ." Thank you NC for praying that my judgment would be more concise, next time (w/in the next 3 yrs).
One moment.
This is not a rant against what the police do. Thank you for taking care of rapists, murderers, pedophiles, thieves, and hooligans. But no thank you for lurking in shadows in podunk towns and tracking down otherwise law-abiding citizens. I think Wake Forest is the safest place in NC. Maybe that's why. Johnny long-arm pulls a Stretch Armstrong and, in my obvious opinion, devalues the importance of law-enforcement. Give grace, not prayers; I will respect you more.

Well, if there are quotas to meet in the WFPD, at least I put food on someone's table.

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