Aug 25, 2007


I recently attended the civil union of my aunt and her friend Alice.
Not only did I attend, I also did most of the photography for the wedding. I say mostly because nowadays everyone and their cousin has a digital camera. While shooting I had people getting irritated at me, because I was in their shot. Yeah.
Inconsequential point. What I'm shooting for here is a discussion. I was one of the lone family members at the event. No one really showed up, because it was 'disgraceful' to the family. Was my attendance compromising to the message I adhere to? If God is indeed handing people like this over to their 'degrading passions,' then should I?
It would seem that Jesus would reach out here as well. I may not have a great case for going, but I do know one thing. I have respect in her eyes as someone she can trust now, because I put aside my shunning glances and label-makers to tell her that I still love her. What do you think? Is there a difference between attending/celebrating the marriage of unbelievers and this?

Also one funny aside: At the end of the ceremony, the lady preacher stated, "and by no authority invested in me by the State of Virginia, I now announce you, wives." I laughed.

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