Feb 5, 2008

Although I believe life begins at conception, it's still nice to have a day where people congratulate you for being born. I'm actually glad that people don't congratulate me for being conceived - that is one of those, well, more difficult thoughts.

But hey, I am 24 now. And it was a super Tuesday. And a fat Tuesday.

Speaking of elections and celebrations, I would like to apologize to Mike Huckabee. Ever since I posted that pic of McCain on this here blog, John's numbers have sky rocketed. Even Mitt got scared and dropped out, thankfully, might I add. So I'll try to alter that photo a bit. Later.

This week went well. I handed in that Erasmus paper, killed some quizzes, and survived another week of life at the Bou. Here are some random things to get you through this weekend:

An interview with NT Wright on the misconceptions of heaven.

Colbert, Stewart and Conan fight over Huckabee:

Huckabee on ice:

How not to use Craigslist.

Some news stations report Tom Jones has insured his chest hair for $7,000,000. Well, I checked his official site.

That's all for now - I'm out like Ty Lawson...

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