Feb 18, 2008

The Situation Room...with Charles Barkley.

I have plenty to do, but I heard about this video and had to post it.

Why is Barkley on CNN? Well, because he is a consistent blooper reel. I really don't care what an aged, ex-NBA player has to say about politics. But I do understand that slap-stick interviews get more ratings.

In regard to Sir Charles' claims, I realize that some candidates/political leaders toss around their "faith" to garner votes. But what kind of guy goes on national television and calls all conservatives "fake Christians?" Even Blitzer was taken back by that comment. I really don't think our country can be united under this kind of press.

Best quote of the interview:

"And when I look at [Obama], he represents everything that's good in the black community. He's intelligent, he's articulate, he's a...we a, we need that, you know. Most of our role models are athletes or entertainers."

Athletes and entertainers. If you are saying that the your own image needs to be reformed for the good of the public, well, I agree. This TV spot was bad for Mr. Barkley in another way. At the end of the interview, he announced his plans to run for governor of Alabama. You know, Alabama, that crimson Republican state that Huckabee won. If Barkley does end up running, something tells me this tape may show up. Here's a shirt for you:

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