Feb 9, 2008


My grandparents decided to take the fam out to celebrate a couple birthdays. Their place of choice? Normally it would be the Angus Barn, or Tripps - something nice, kind of classy. Yet today, 7 adults and 3 toddlers sat snug around a table at Golden Corral. Very funny meal.

Times are tight - my grandmother even told the whole family that we could only get water, "because when you're in a recession, you drink water!" Make your body happy. That reminds me of an old Aquafina commercial...


Dan Hawkins said...

Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it.

The last time I went to Golden Corral I heard a Sufjan Stevens song and nearly coughed up my butterbeans in surprise

Dan Hawkins said...

and I found the conan/stewart/colbert thing hilarious.

the next night on the Daily Show Stewart said:

"did we settle our differences. Maybe. Depends on how long the writers' strike lasts."