Jul 10, 2008


Time to support the environment! Everyone's doing it right? I remember 5 years ago when people laughed at me for buying a Civic. Ahead of my time.

The Festival for the Eno is a yearly event where earth lovers frequent some park in Durham for a heat-filled day of craft glancing, folk and African music, and global eateries. You'll feel just like a nonconformist consumed by wanderlust. Rachel and I had a good time - eating pupusas, which, if you've never eaten a pupusa, shame. Look it up, it's not gross - we watched a Bohemian parade, walked down to the river but didn't swim, crafted bowls and German Shepherds out of clay, and finally, received glorious farmers' tans. At least I did. She got more of a spaghetti strapers' tan.

All that to say, it is a great experience; especially if you enjoy the outdoors, culture, and people watching.

No pics here; if you want to see some you can go to Rachel's facebook...

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Emilio J. said...

I really wanted to go to this but sadly I had to work. Maybe next year.