Jul 14, 2008

Rethinking Richmond: Part 3

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Headed back up to Richmond this past weekend - this time with Rachel's sister. What can I say, it was great to have some company in the car. We arrived around 7 p.m., and went out to eat at Nacho Mama's. CaryTown once again impressed me. After the meal we went to the $2 movie, "Made of Honor." Probably one of the corniest, most uncomfortable movies I've ever seen. The Grey's Anatomy guy was in it with that girl from MI3. So bad. Sooo bad. Sorry if you liked it, but, man that was a bad movie.

Saturday we graced Carytown again, scoping out shops and such. Found an American Apparel store, bought some shirts. Then to Short Pump Mall. Oh my. I was very tired of shopping at this point. After that we ate some chicken alfredo at Rachel's and went to a minor league soccer game. The Richmond Kickers (great name), played some Pittsburgh team and beat them. Lots of yellow cards and one red one. That was the funniest part of the night. After some failed corner kick, the ball was cleared and as the other 20 players headed down the field, one guy just clobbered another guy. The ref wasn't looking, but the line judge was. Caught 'em. I think I was one of five people to see it. The guy got kicked out of the stadium and had to sit in front of the team bus. Everyone was laughing at him.

Sunday, Redemption Hill again. This time an assistant pastor spoke on Jonah, Luke, and sovereignty. Ate at Sticky Rice, took a nap, watched Rachel's ultimate team almost win, and headed home.

Also, listen to Jim Gaffigan. Rita and I were cracking up listening to him on the way home.

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