Apr 21, 2009

Canes Win!

Normally I wouldn't write about a hockey game. But this one was sweet.

Canes 4 Devils 3

Rachel's friend had 10 extra tickets to tonight's game. Carolina Hurricanes vs. New Jersey Devils. Playoffs. The seats were on the first level, right behind the Devil's net, so we got to see a couple goals scored up close. Thrilling. The idea of hockey is not laughable to me, but somewhat, mystifying I guess. Put big men in even bigger pads, strap knives to their feet and try to smack a rubber disc at a net. I guess I'm not cold blooded enough to grasp it inherently. But I did appreciate the game tonight.

Experiencing this game made me feel like my life was a little more complete. The loud cheering, the boisterous atmosphere, the high stakes, the last second goal and the final eruption, all that made me feel a little more human. Loud speakers, and being surrounded by many more die-hard fans sort of helped. Odd. I feel like I have one more trick in my arsenal of personal experiences. One more story to tell.

I know what you're thinking. If you were not a State fan, you would have this high much more often. Well. You're probably right.

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