Apr 5, 2009

Hot Second

Finally got one of those lazy, sunny days on our hands. Though pollen is caked on my car and circulating through my nasal cavities, it's still very nice to be alive. I'm sitting here with Rachel at Caribou, with not much to work on, thought it was time to update.

Mom is getting "better." The docs' found a trace of cancerous cells in her brain, so they're attending to that at the moment. I have no percentages of how bad it is, so we still wait and pray.

Did music for Jim and Meghan's wedding yesterday. Beautiful ceremony. I played piano for the first time in front of a crowd - pretty stressful. Before the ceremony started, when they were seating people, the wedding planner asked me to play some background music for 35 mins. Then I played How Great is Our God, then Take My Life on keys. My fingers are still a bit sore from that.

I'm still working at Caribou, still in school, still dating the same beautiful girl.
Trying to figure out what to do this summer...

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Josh Deng said...

go work at camp again!