Apr 14, 2009

Web and the Extreme Pro-Lifers

I had a couple more hot seconds today. Which is great. Little boring but great.
Yesterday I worked a looong morning shift, crammed for a Hebrew exam for 2 hours, then took the exam. Then hung out with Rachel a bit - she's slammed with lab reports, 3 papers on cultural events, one on bone fusion, and heaven knows what else. All that with leading a bible study, working in a lab, playing club ultimate for State - pretty busy all the time. Which leads me to my next point.

I frequent a few news sites when I first start up my MBP. Wired.com is always first. Today they had a column with their resident Mr.Know-it-all, an Ann-Flanders-type deal. That story led me to Clark Wolf's homepage at Iowa State. Then I looked into a syllabus of his for a bioethics class he taught last year sometime. Scrolled down and found a reading assignment on the Ashley Treatment. What? How did I miss this last year?

This girl's parents decided to keep their little girl, well, little. She had severe mental disabilities and in order to spare her more pain, they basically extracted her womanhood. You can read more about it here. They also cemented her bones with estrogen therapy so she would stay the size of a 10 year old.

As far as blogs go, this certainly is not a current events update. But man that is twisted. What do you think?

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