Sep 4, 2007

Heavy Metal

I like watching shows about how things are made. Hmm, vague.
Like shows that, well, show you how snowmobiles, buildings, bridges, rocket ships, and other modern wonders are made. But then I thought:
Where did they get all the parts for the machines? Who made the metal? Are there metal-mines? How do they get get the metal out? With metal machines. Okay, and how did those machines get made? Somewhere at the beginning someone used wood to get the metal out, they formed the metal into parts, with wood or stone casts I guess. Lumber I get; metal is a bit fuzzy. I blame the public school system and The Learning Channel.

So I looked it up on Wikipedia, and found out, well, not a lot. I did not understand most of the lingo, and though each word was highlighted to give me a better explanation of that particular term, I just read enough to know that the Hitties mined iron ore first, and they did it with wooden machines. Then I saved the Wiki picture (above).

Now the more I think about it, I love diversity. That someone would love being an engineer, or scientist, etc. Because if this world were made up of a bunch of me's, we'd be living in caves playing relatively crude musical instruments and talking about God. And probably doing something athletic every once and a while. God, games, and music.

And, there would be around 30 billion of us on earth, if you get my drift.


Chip Baggett said...

what a crazy random post...i like the blog

Dan Hawkins said...