Sep 12, 2007


So there I was, just sitting there, listening to Dr. Little. All seemed well.
I was tempted to close my eyes for a moment; I was tired. Had to get up the past couple mornings before 5 am to open Caribou. Needless to say, I was almost comatose.
Out of the blue, the gentleman beside me flung his elbow down on the desk separating us, and in effect propelled his V8 tomato drink into the air. In an attempt to catch it, he knocked it over sending rich tomato juice in my direction.
Half awake and half asleep, I made no movement to avoid the blast. I just accepted the V8 all over my pants and almost, almost, on my laptop. Missed the Mac by inches. It was pretty funny, seeing that the class was dead silent and Dr. Little was in the middle of refuting some point, or something.

The Asian man in front of me got it worse though. The juice hit the back of his head, and ran down his neck, also spilling on his collar. Lesson learned? V8 is gritty and disgusting, in and out of the can.

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