Sep 6, 2007

I googled "Mitt Romney" and got this:

Clearly produced by evangelicals, and poorly animated. I did some extensive research in college on Mormonism, and I read about almost all of this. Except the "heavenly counsel" part.

Here's a tid bit: "Moroni?" Really? "Moron-i? The angel "Moron-i?" Even if I was an unbeliever, I would not buy that. And by the way, if Jesus is a "spirit child" of Elohim, who married three women and had kids, and whose words are not truly contained in the Holy Bible, then we are talking about two different Jesuses. One is real, one is fake.

So, I don't mind Mitt Romney thus far. Some case is made that he has flip-flopped on abortion ( and other issues, but frankly and ashamedly, he looks presidential. He has charisma and an authoritative aura about him. Is that all it takes in my view? No, of course not. But as a frontrunner for the GOP, one has to consider a formidable candidate to run against the likes of Obama or Clinton.
But who should actually win?
The man with a funny name, no hair and not a lot of money.
Yep, I'm talking about Mike Huckabee. Please just YouTube Huckabee and listen to him talk. He is a phenomenal speaker and orator and he is staunchly evangelical. He does seem too nice sometimes, which could hurt his image, with people labeling him as a pushover. But he is solid on his beliefs. If not President, then Huckabee for VP. This man's presence in the White House would give evangelicals a stronger, more soothing voice, to say the least.

Apparently, after signing up on his website, I will be receiving some "I Like Mike" bumper stickers and buttons. I'll use the buttons for now...

Also, and iphone update: Apple released new ipods today (the nano and touch ipod being the most impressive), and apparently announced the discontinuation of the 4 GB iphone. I hope I don't get that one. I mean, and Mr. Jobs reduced the price of the iphone by $200. Dangit Jobs, you're killing me here.

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